Q: What’s a nice girl like you doing writing about the Russian mafia and crime?

A: Maybe I’m not so nice.





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I married a Russian man.

Like the Koslovsky family in Kings of Brighton Beach, he emigrated during the Cold War. Unlike them, he doesn’t have any deep, dark secrets. Or so he claims.

One day, I started thinking, “What if?” From that one simple question flowed a rich tale of family, crime, and espionage.

For those of you wondering, I do speak a little Russian. Hence the authentic phrases and cultural references throughout the novels. But for everything else, I’ve done a ton of research.Learn More

I’m a Sociology Professor.

I’ve also served time as Dean and as Department Chair.

I could tell a lot of true tales of professors and students behaving badly, but I resort to humor and fiction instead in my Bundle of Neurotica.

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