Every family has its secrets…

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In the mafia, nothing stays secret forever…

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Love. Betrayal. Revenge.

A ruthless son. A master strategist. In the mafia, nothing stays secret forever, and one family’s secrets could provoke a mafia war in Brooklyn.


Get hooked on the Russian mafia crime series readers are comparing to the Sopranos and Sons of Anarchy.

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Thanks for your patience. 

I’m working feverishly on Sins of the Spy, due out this winter.

In the meantime, I’ve created this short story from the novel to give you a taste of what’s to come.

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From Moscow to Brooklyn

College professor by day, writer by night. My alter ego isn’t a spy or a criminal, so how do I know so much about crime, espionage, and the Russian mob? 

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Love. Betrayal. Revenge.

“This one’s a shocker in a good way—powerfully dark and dramatic. This portrait of Russian gangsters in contemporary Brighton Beach makes Mario Puzo’s Godfather look like a boy scout.”

~Amazon Reviewer

Professors Behaving Badly.

“Love this series. Smart, funny, and sexy. Great brain candy! The situations are the perfect blend of sexy and amusing. Oh, to have a wicked twin! Great send-up of university life.”

~Amazon Reviewer

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The prequel to Kings of Brighton Beach.

Deceit. Espionage. Treason.

A passionate affair in Cold War Russia forces a spy to choose between love, family, and country.

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